Celebrating Service, Loyalty and Achievement at Hutchinson Care Homes

Hutchinson Care Homes Limited is a major employer in the Antrim area and every employer needs good staff who are committed to the business, its services and its customers. In a care setting this is especially true and those who benefit from the provision of professional care are always pleased to see the same faces on a daily basis.

Hutchinson Care Homes recently held an Employee Celebration Event where they recognised the members of staff who have had more than 10 years’ service. Over 90 staff within the company have 10 or more years’ service and almost 70 people gathered in the Antrim Civic Centre for a celebration and recognition of this fact.

The special guests at the event were Briege Donaghy, Director of Strategy NHSCT and Colum Conway, Chief Executive of NISCC. Both guests spoke highly of the staff teams in all Hutchinson Care Homes and encouraged the staff to remain committed to the provision of a quality service long in to the future.

Of the 90 staff with 10 or more years’ service there where 11 with 25 or more years’ service and they all received special recognition of this.

Janet Montgomery, Director of Hutchinson Care Homes commented:

“These staff members here today are a representative group of the wider Hutchinson Care Homes family. Their longevity of service is something we are proud of and shows the level of commitment to each other and those in our care.”

Naomi Carey, Director of Hutchinson Care Homes further stated:

“We are proud of all our staff and all they do each day. This group recognised here today have shown themselves to be valued employees and this event is to publicly thank them for the many years of care given to residents of our homes.”

Special recognition was given to Harriet Dunsmore and Ruth Downey who are the two longest serving employees in the Hutchinson Care Homes Group.

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