Code of Conduct

Independent Health and Care Providers

Members Code of Conduct

The aim of ihcp is to support providers in delivering quality care services It is therefore necessary for members to adhere to the appropriate regulatory and statutory standards for the sector and commit to the ihcp members code of conduct.

Members of ihcp:-

  1. Must be registered with the appropriate Regulatory Body and;
    • meet the requirements associated with that Body for registration,
    • continue to meet the standards as evidenced by inspections,
    • receive positive inspection reports.
  2. Are required, in the event of enforcement action from any regulatory agency, to notify ihcp.
  3. Must ensure that people are suitable to enter the workforce and understand their roles and responsibilities.
  4.  Must have policies and procedures in place to enable staff to meet Regulatory Bodies Codes of Practice.
  5. Should identify training and development needs of staff and promote training initiatives to strengthen and develop their skills and knowledge.
  6. Must ensure that they put into place and implement written policies and procedures to deal with dangerous, discriminatory or exploitative behaviours or practice and ensure the human rights of all service users, staff and stakeholders.
  7. Should promote evidence-based best practice and network with other providers, so that this can be shared and replicated.
  8. Should be willing to work in partnership with other members and other Bodies to:
    • provide integrated care and care pathways,
    • achieve best practice, best care and best value,
  9. Are expected to have appropriate governance systems in place and adhere to the highest ethical standards in the management of their business.
  10. Can expect to maintain a privacy of their commercial interests and to respect the confidentiality of others.
  11. Are expected to act in a way which does not limit or damage opportunities to other members.
  12. Should act with professional integrity at all times.
  13. Are expected to contribute to ihcp meetings.
  14. Are encouraged to keep in contact with ihcp and other members via the website and to promote E-Communication.
  15. Are expected to pay membership fees on or before the due date.

IHCP Directors Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is specifically aimed at Directors of IHCP and is intended to supplement the IHCP Code of conduct for Members.

Directors of IHCP are:

  1. Expected to attend and contribute to the monthly Executive meetings and the bi-monthly Members meetings. (Reference is made in the Articles of Association to the frequency of attendance that is deemed acceptable)
  2. Expected to contribute to, debate, understand and accept the policies which are agreed by a majority of Directors or Members of IHCP.
  3. Ensure that when they attend meetings, they differentiate between those at which they are representing IHCP and those which they are attending in a personal or other business capacity. They should make their status, role and function clear to other people attending the meeting.
  4. Required, if attending meetings with external organisations (DHSSPS, Boards, Trusts, etc) on behalf of IHCP, to represent the extant policies, views and opinions of IHCP in a professional way which always upholds the integrity of the organisation.

Congratulations to all our finalists and winners from our N. Ireland Independent Care Awards evening which took place on Thursday 17th October at the Malone Lodge Hotel, Belfast.

A wonderful night was had by all.  Please find below the list of finalists and winners:

Flourishing Award

Harry Reid, Hutchinson Care Homes- Winner

Marie McCartney, Macklin Group – Highly Commended

Dr. Fred Wright, Belfast Central Mission – Highly Commended

Backbone Award

Lucy McCreery, Domestic Care Group - Joint Winner

Gillian Masson, Healthcare Ireland Group -Joint Winner

Lisa Steele, Hutchinson Care Homes

Andrew McQuillen, Belfast Central Mission

Care Team – Residential Housing with Care Award

Strand Residential Unit, Priory Group - Winner

Aaron House , Presbyterian Church in Ireland/Council for Social Witness

Burleigh Hill House, MD Healthcare

Rosevale Lodge, Four Seasons Healthcare

Nursing Award

Laura Campbell, Macklin Group - Winner

Josette Fernandez, Four Seasons Healthcare

Brenda Service, Wilson Group

Care Team – Nursing Home Award

Larne Care Centre, Wilson Group - Winner

Nursing Care Team, Castleview Private Nursing Home

Domnall Intermediate Care, Four Seasons Healthcare

Specialist Practice Award

Laura Ferguson, Four Seasons Healthcare - Winner

Laura Paterson Spa Nursing Homes Ltd

Mary Stevenson, Healthcare Ireland Group

Care Team – Domiciliary and Care at Home Award

Newtownabbey Team, Homecare Independent Living - Winner

Ards Peninsula Locality Support Team, Optimum Care

Rapid Response Team, Connected Health Ltd

Innovation Award

Ryan Williams, Connected Health Ltd - Winner

Recovery Star Model, Four Seasons Healthcare

Jacqui Corscadden, Age N.I.

Leadership Award

Kathie Stevenson, Beechvale Nursing Home - Winner

Kayleigh Hunniford, Priory Adult Care

Louise McConville, Radius Housing Association


Team Spirit Award

Burleigh Hill House, MD Healthcare - Winner