Four Season’s Success at the British Journal of Nursing Awards, London.


Dear All


I would like to inform you of our recent success at the British Journal of Nursing Awards on Friday 10th March 2017 in London.


Alana Irvine was named as the Nutritional Nurse of the Year at the British Journal of Nursing Awards on Friday 10th March 2017.  Alana won the award after colleagues nominated her for her leading role in the partnership work with the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust (in Northern Ireland) on choking, dysphagia and speech and language assessments. Alana wanted to ensure that all of the nurses, care assistants and support staff working within her care homes were aware of speech and language recommendations for each individual resident.

This drive in quality improvement resulted in the displaying of choking risk cards for visitors and visual cues for staff in dining rooms and tea trollies. This piece of work also helped improve written and verbal communication processes between the multidisciplinary team, the care teams and the catering staff through face-to-face learning and practice development. The outcomes of this initiative led to statistically significant reductions in episodes of choking and associated weight-loss.

Structured observational meal-time experience audits have also shown marked improvement.


Gary Cousins was named as the runner-up in the category of Infection Control and Prevention Nurse of the Year at the British Journal of Nursing Awards on Friday 10th March 2017.  Gary, who won the award in 2016, was runner-up after colleagues nominated him for his pivotal role in the development and implementation of FSHC’s regional & national work on flu.  In addition, Gary’s expertise has been showcased outside of FSHC as he has been an invited conference speaker and published articles in nursing journals.  His leading role within FSHC’s flu programme has seen significant improvements in the uptake of staff vaccinations, both in the UK & Northern Ireland.

Gary has also led workshops on flu prevention with national colleagues throughout the mainland.  Gary’s successes in 2016 & 2017 at these national awards are an indicator of his sustained commitment, leadership and innovation within the field.


Four Seasons Health Care have also been short listed in the UK Flu Fighter Awards, which take place on 27th March 2017.

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