Can We Trust the Trusts?

Can We Trust the Trusts?

Cuts to Vital Services for Frail and Older People

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Health Trusts across Northern Ireland are undermining government policy by cutting funding to vital services for vulnerable and older people.

  • The Government’s Transforming Your Care programme aims to ensure more people are cared for in their own homes, rather than in hospitals and care homes.
  • Such measures clearly lead to a huge increase in the importance of domiciliary care, the range of services that ensure people can stay in their homes, as opposed to a hospital or residential home.
  • Yet just as government is implementing the new strategy, the Trusts are cutting back on access to domiciliary care for those who need it, shortening visiting times, and driving providers to the brink by cutting their rates to unsustainable levels.
  • Urgent action from government is needed to halt the Trusts’ cutbacks, which are pulling the rug from under policy by forcing vulnerable people into care or hospitals – amidst dropping budgets – when, with help and support, they could lead independent lives at home.


The IHCP and UKHCA is calling for an urgent independent evaluation of the value for money provided by domiciliary care – action that is necessary to prevent disaster in our health care system.

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