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You can influence the future of care services by joining ihcp. You can add your voice to the many care homes and organisations that strive together to promote high quality care, dignity and choice.

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    Independent Health and Care Providers - Members Code of Conduct

    The aim of ihcp is to support providers in delivering quality care services It is therefore necessary for members to adhere to the appropriate regulatory and statutory standards for the sector and commit to the ihcp members code of conduct. 

    • Group 114

      Member requirements

    1. Must be registered with the appropriate Regulatory Body and;

    • meet the requirements associated with that Body for registration,
    • continue to meet the standards as evidenced by inspections,
    • receive positive inspection reports.

    2. Are required, in the event of enforcement action from any regulatory agency, to notify ihcp.

    3. Must ensure that people are suitable to enter the workforce and understand their roles and responsibilities.

    4. Must have policies and procedures in place to enable staff to meet Regulatory Bodies Codes of Practice.

    5. Should identify training and development needs of staff and promote training initiatives to strengthen and develop their skills and knowledge.

    6. Must ensure that they put into place and implement written policies and procedures to deal with dangerous, discriminatory or exploitative behaviours or practice and ensure the human rights of all service users, staff and stakeholders.

    7. Should promote evidence-based best practice and network with other providers, so that this can be shared and replicated.

    8. Should be willing to work in partnership with other members and other Bodies to:

    • provide integrated care and care pathways,
    • achieve best practice, best care and best value,

    9. Are expected to have appropriate governance systems in place and adhere to the highest ethical standards in the management of their business.

    10. Can expect to maintain a privacy of their commercial interests and to respect the confidentiality of others.

    11. Are expected to act in a way which does not limit or damage opportunities to other members.

    12. Should act with professional integrity at all times.

    13. Are expected to contribute to ihcp meetings.

    14. Are encouraged to keep in contact with ihcp and other members via the website and to promote E-Communication.

    15. Are expected to pay membership fees on or before the due date.

    • Group 116

      In the event that any of the above requirements are not complied with, the ihcp board of directors will consider the following possible actions, depending of the individual circumstances:-

    • Support to meet the required standard within a reasonable period of time
    • Temporary suspension from membership – kept under review with the member
    • Removal from ihcp membership where support has failed to assist in meeting the standard, or where the breach is so serious, membership is no longer appropriate

    What our members say:

    As a long standing member of ihcp I can recommend the opportunity for networking as second to none. The way in which ihcp has developed over the years is a credit to the executive leadership. As a lobbying and representative group there is no better informed representative organisation of the care sector in NI and the role of ihcp will only get stronger as more people join and offer their input and experience to the group. Better together is my own experience of ihcp and I would encourage others to join and become fully involved.

    Hutchinson Care Homes

    ihcp has been an invaluable support over the years of our membership, the pandemic has strengthened the importance of the organization who have taken a holistic approach -speaking up, advocating and lobbying for the sector, focusing on operators, staff, residents and families to support the delivery of person-centred compassionate quality care. They have been a constant source of support, provided opportunities to link in with other service providers, always quick to try and help when an issue is identified or information/clarity needed, they have been instrumental in developing opportunities for engagement and having our voice heard

    Belfast Central Mission

    ihcp has proved to be an excellent, responsive forum within which to further these aims, where we have gained much knowledge and where we trust we have shared ideas, leveraged and lent our voice in the spirit of sector togetherness. ihcp channels and strengthens the voices of all Independent Sector Provider members and amplifies our individual and collective matters of concern in those forums where impactful and meaningful decisions, which matter most to us, are taken.


    Optimum Care

    Towell House have been supported by ihcp through very difficult periods with immeasurable presence; offering vast amounts of updates and guidance. They are always on hand to be proactive on issues and have canvassed assistance resulting in solutions. ihcp manage our industry concerns speaking with one voice for all care providers.





    Towell House

    ihcp provide a voice for the sector – a voice that is listened to by the government, but also, just importantly, by the media.
    ihcp provide a voice for small organisations like ourselves, who find it difficult to be heard.
    ihcp represent the sector in many fundamental ways, such as regional tariff increases, policy development, care sector development.
    ihcp have been central in advocating to the Dept of Health to ensure members received adequate funding (and PPE) throughout the pandemic.
    ihcp provide a balanced, non-reactive, and representative voice to the media to counter balance the often negative stories heard by the general public.

    Castleview PNH

    We have been a member of IHCP for a number of years now. As a small group of care homes we feel the benefit of being part of a much larger organisation that exists to provide healthcare providers like us support and representation.

    The IHCP provides us with a forum to share ideas with like-minded providers which gives us opportunity to improve our services.

    In our opinion the main benefit of IHCP membership is the voice and representation we have at Department of Health level. This affords us the opportunity to help influence policy decisions through direct input at ministerial level and to hear about these policies and decisions without delay.

    If anything the pandemic really highlighted the benefit of IHCP membership as it exposed the support that is gained by a collective.

    Burnview Healthcare

    Age NI greatly appreciates the support we receive from IHCP including up to date information, opportunities to meet other care providers, share areas of concern and have these raised with key decision makers. The team are very approachable and excellent advocates for the sector.

    Age NI