Employers Charter

Welcome to the ihcp ‘Employer Charter’ for our members, their staff and anyone looking for a career with independent health and care providers across Northern Ireland.

The sector employs over 30,000 people to work with adults in Care Homes, Homecare and Day Care settings and contributes substantially to the NI economy, the whole Health and Social Care system and most importantly to the lives of the individuals being  cared for.

Ihcp wants the sector to be recognised for the quality work it delivers through treating employees fairly, respectively and in compliance with employment legislation and health and social care standards. The charter has been produced through discussion with our members and with the support of the Labour Relations Agency.

We have asked our members to sign this charter to demonstrate their commitment to being an employer of choice in Northern Ireland.

Pauline Shepherd

CEO ihcp


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Employers Charter

the ihcp Employers Charter which has been developed in conjunction with HR representatives from across our members and the Labour Relations Agency.


Question - Why have we developed an employer’s charter and why should you sign it?


Answer - Too often the sector receives criticism and negative media coverage when it comes to employment with the good practice of the majority going unnoticed. We want to demonstrate that the sector employs a great number of  staff who are treated fairly and with compassion. We want the sector to be a career choice and a place where staff can develop, grow and feel valued.


Question - Why is the time right for a charter?


Answer - The previous Health Minister initiated a ‘Fair Work Forum’ some time ago to consider equalising terms and conditions of care staff across the HSC and independent sectors. Ihcp have been engaged in this work however progress has been slow and we want to demonstrate that ihcp members are working hard to provide the best working environment they can with the resources available. We want to be in a position to show the commitment of our members ahead of this Fair Work Forum.


Question - How will ihcp help you with employment issues


Answer - the charter outlines the support that ihcp can provide through webinars, the LRA and other support services.


Question - What we want you to do ?


Answer - we want you to read the charter and consider if you meet the principles and if so sign the document and return it to Liz Marshall. There is a formal external showcase of the charter at Stormont on 22 November and we would love to be able to have a high percentage of members signed up to the charter by then. If you sign up you will receive confirmation and a door sticker to display confirming that you are committed ito the hcp Employer Charter . We hope that this will demonstrate to new job applicants and staff that you are a good employer.


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