Forum Representation

Programmes/Projects/Groups – ihcp MEMBERS ARE REPRESENTED ON:-

5 Nations Care Forum – Pauline Shepherd

Care Home Transformation Strategic Advisory forum – Patricia Donnelly

Domiciliary Care Reform – JP Watson, Sue McLaughlin

Locality Network Group Linked to DoH Reform of urgent Medical Care – Carol Cousins

RQIA – Inspection Process, Dual Registration, members Issues – Patricia Donnelly

Delivering Care Phase 8 – Eddy Kerr, Carol Cousins, JP Watson, Christine Thompson

Regionalise the Care Home Portal across NI – JP Watson

Adult Social Care Reform – Eddy Kerr

Tarriff and Fee Negotiation – Eddy Kerr, Colin Nimmon, Carol Cousins, Gareth Macklin & JP Watson, Patricia Donnelly

ihcp Care Awards – Patricia Donnelly

NIASP – Adult Safeguarding Partnership – Janet Montgomery & Carol Cousins

DoH Independent Review of Safeguarding and Care DMCH – Board

HSE – Mental Capacity Act – Eddy Kerr

NILGA – shortage occupational list NI

NISCC Workforce Development Partnership – Eddy Kerr, JP Watson

NISCC Development of collective Leadership – Eddy Kerr, JP Watson

Department of Education – Carol Cousins, Janet Montgomery

CHAP’s Programme – Carol Cousins

NIPEC – Post Registration Masters in Nursing Programme – Carol Cousins

workshop to Develop Terms of Reference and outline workplan for Care Home Transformation – Carol Cousin, Janet Montgomery

EU Exit – Carol Cousins, Mandy Mitchell

Pallative Care in partnership – Connie Mitchell, Domestic Care

NIPECDeciding to Delegate –  JP watson

Independent Review – Eddy Kerr, Carol Cousins

Antibiotics in Care homes – Joanne Roy

SEHSCT Oral Care – Heather Murray

Development of a New Framework for Delivering Care and Support – JP Watson

Care Home Open Day Steering group – Mandy Mitchell

DHSSPS Workforce Planning and Skills partnership (Domiciliary Care) – Pauline Shepherd

My home life – Janet Montgomery, Pauline Shepherd

NIASP/PSNI – Safeguarding and crime prevention – Janet Montgomery, Pauline Shepherd

NIASP Financial Abuse Workstream –  Janet Montgomery

NIASP – Operation & Procedure Sub Group – Janet Montgomery

NISCC Dvelopment and Training Strategic Implementation Group – Pauline Shepherd

NISCC Workforce Development Partnership –  Pauline Shepherd

NISCC eAT Technology to Care Reference Group – Naomi Carey

Nutrition Strategy – Lesley Megarity

Promoting Good Nutrition Implementation Group – Lesley Megarity

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